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66: The Best of The Variety Artist Podcast – Steve Trash – Rockin’ Eco Hero

Best - Steve Trash

If this interview sounds familiar, it should.  This is the first in a series of The Best of The Variety Artist Podcast.  It’s Rockin’ Eco Hero Steve Trash. His journey from sleeping in his van to becoming one of the top entertainers in the country is legendary.  Since this interview he’s done so much.  Including…

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15: Steve Trash -Rockin’ Eco Hero

Steve Trash

Steve Trash’s mantra is “Be good. Be amazing. Don’t be mean.”  He combines his love for magic and his love for ecology to create educational entertainment for children of all ages.  He’s entertained over 25 million people since 1984 and appeared in theaters, fairs, and festivals all over the world including: Japan, Australia, Canada, Portugal,…

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