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68: The Best of The Variety Artist Podcast – How to Book 60 Shows in 5 Minutes with Ken Frawley

Best Frawley

How would you like to book 60 shows in 5 minutes? Ken Frawley tells you how on this week’s episode of The Variety Artist Podcast. This interview is all about showcasing. How do you get involved in one? How long do you have to perform? What are the best practices BEFORE performing at a showcase?…

35: How To Make What’s in Your Head Come Out On Stage with Steve Petra

Petra Puppets

WARNING:  Listening to this podcast will take you inside of Steve Petra’s brain.  If you’re creatively claustrophobic, do not listen.  But if you want your mind expanded; if your ears are dying for some creative candy… then venture forth. Yes, we talk about puppets, but Steve and I talk about much more…. How to warm…

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29: A Man and His Passions with Hal Meyers

Hal Meyers aka Dameon

Hal Meyers, aka Dameon, is a spectacular magician that’s lectured at Abbotts and the S.A.M. conventions, performed at tons of casinos, received numerous awards and performed on multiple cruises around the world We talk about magic, music, livestock, North Korea and much more. You won’t believe the things he’s done and the people he’s worked…

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13: School Assemblies and Working as a Team with Razzle Bam Boom

Razzle Bam Boom

This podcast gives you a double dose of amazing guests.  Since 1999 this duo has performed themed educational shows for elementary school assemblies, theaters and community venues in California and throughout America. One is an internationally published singer songwriter and the other is a professional comic, juggler, vocalist and trumpet player.  Between them they have…

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2: Getting your website to the 1st page of Google – SEO with Pete Ellison

Pete Ellison Podcast

Although he makes his entire living doing music (a lesson in itself) for school assemblies, libraries and private events, Pete Ellison comes from a background of computers.  Pete shares strategies that you can use, right now, to help your website climb the ranks.  With a few simple tweaks, your website will race in front of…

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