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38: Empowering Through Body Movement with Celeste DeCamps

Celeste DeCamps

Celeste DeCamps is a former Belly Dancer and current Speaker that specializes in empowering women through body movement.  I know it says women, but I was also empowered.  And I’m I guy (at least last time I checked) You’ll learn…. How to feel confident, How to get rid of self doubt, How to get that…

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36: How to Create the Life of Your Dreams – The Real Magic with Romany

Romany - Diva of Magic

Have you ever wanted a theater in your house?  How ’bout the perfect mate?  How about a life of adventure?  How about …..? Well, Romany – The Diva of Magic, has figured out The Secret.  And after you listen to this interview, you’ll know too. Prince Charles calls her “Absolute Genius”. Dame Judi Dench said…

35: How To Make What’s in Your Head Come Out On Stage with Steve Petra

Petra Puppets

WARNING:  Listening to this podcast will take you inside of Steve Petra’s brain.  If you’re creatively claustrophobic, do not listen.  But if you want your mind expanded; if your ears are dying for some creative candy… then venture forth. Yes, we talk about puppets, but Steve and I talk about much more…. How to warm…

34: Revolutionizing Live Performance and The On-Line Magazine with Paul Romhany

Vanish Magazine

Paul Romhany was the first recipient of the Robert Houdin award. His fellow New Zealand countrymen named him the 18th “Grand Master of Magic” He has nearly 100 magic products on the market. Paul is the creator and editor of VANISH Magazine (If you haven’t yet subscribed, why not!? It’s full of great info, it’s…

33: Doing Everything Will Take You Everywhere with Billy Damon

Billy Damon

Billy Damon does everything and has been everywhere.  You’ll hear stories from Atlantic Casinos to Caribbean Cruises.  If you listen closely, you’ll even discover some hidden venues that you may have never thought of.  Get advice from one of the most traveled and seasoned pros in the biz. Free Copy Writing Checklist Copy Writing Checklist…