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67: The Best of The Variety Artist Podcast – Mike Miclon – The Maine Man

Mike Miclon

What would you do if a bear wondered onto set in the middle of your show?  How do you create a viral video?  What’s some advice every entertainer has to know? I’m in the middle of my crazy summer schedule. Over 100 shows in two months. But I wouldn’t leave you out in the cold.…

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66: The Best of The Variety Artist Podcast – Steve Trash – Rockin’ Eco Hero

Best - Steve Trash

If this interview sounds familiar, it should.  This is the first in a series of The Best of The Variety Artist Podcast.  It’s Rockin’ Eco Hero Steve Trash. His journey from sleeping in his van to becoming one of the top entertainers in the country is legendary.  Since this interview he’s done so much.  Including…

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Oh, To Live Your Childhood Dreams – The Real Deal with Ace Miles

Ace Miles

Ace Miles takes specialization to whole ‘nother level!  Not just a Jack Sparrow impersonator but a pirate performer! In fact a whole pirate act… Juggler, magician and ventriloquist! Not to mention dangerous illusions. Ace travels from fair to fair as Jack Spareribs the juggling, magical, ventriloquist pirate.  He even has his own ship! In this…

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32: Performer Horror Stories – Halloween Special

The Variety Artist Halloween

These are some of my favorite performer horror stories from the first 30 or so interviews on The Variety Artist Podcast.  From bloody performances to circus mishaps.  These are priceless.  If you’ve been performing for any amount of time, you have some too.  I’d love to hear them!  Post ’em in the comments section below…

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23: How One Performer Changed the Economy of an Entire City with Mike Miclon

Mike Miclon is the Artistic Director for Johnson Hall and an advocate for The Arts in the State of Maine.  He’s a comedian, TV Host, Filmmaker, Variety Artist and much much more… As a comedian, Mike has performed everywhere from the Kennedy Center to the White House and from Italy to India. The Portland Phoenix…

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