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65: How to Stay in the Audience’s Mind After the Show with Peter Boie

Peter Boie

Have you ever wanted your show to continue after your show? Have you ever wanted your audience to think about the things they heard and saw you do… for it to carry over AFTER THE SHOW?  On this episode Peter and I talk all about how to do that. Peter Boie was nominated for “Entertainer…

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64: Using Your Art to Make The World A Better Place with Peter Samuelson

Peter Samuelson

Peter Samuelson has produced over 25 feature films including Revenge of the Nerds and Arlington Road. He’s been nominated twice for Academy Awards. He’s the Founder / President of First Star Academies, Inc. and the EDAR Inc. charity, both out of Los Angeles.  He partnered with Steven Spielberg to create Starbrightworld and so much more.…

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63: The Most Famous Guy You’ve Never Heard Of with Michael Paul

Michael Paul

Michael Paul is a Ventriloquist, Comedian, Writer, Director, Coach, Radio Producer and Host and so much more.   Now the author of the book “Breaking Out of Show Business”. His TV credits include The Tonight Show, Saturday Night Live, AGT… I could go on for days. We talk about his recent stint on AGT, his…

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62: The Secrets to Performing School Assemblies with Matt Wilhelm

Matt Wilhelm

Matt Wilhelm is The Amazing Anti-Bullying BMX School Assembly guy. From winning AGTs Youtube competition and FOX TVs “30 Seconds of Fame” to a semi finalist on AGT (that’s probably where you saw him), Matt Wilhelm has used his BMX and motivational speaking skills to inspire students around the country. Oh, did I mention that…

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61: They Know What You’re Thinking with The Evasons

The Evasons

Jeff & Tessa – The Evasons are the original Mentalist Duo. Fox Television says: “The most amazing mind reading act you will ever see!”  NBC says: “The finest act of its kind in the world.”  Penn & Teller say: “This act is so good.  Just breathtaking.  Never seen better!” Learn how they met, fell in…

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