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The Fascinating Art of Hypnotism with Dale K

Dale K

Dale K is billed as the “Almost Evil Comedy Hypnotist”. He is hilarious! His Comedy Shows and Keynote Presentations go beyond Stages and Conventions. He’s hypnotized over 1 million people in 20 Countries over 2 Decades! Today, on the Variety Artist Podcast, we discuss The College Market, Key Note Speaking, even Bachelorette parties.  And, as a BONUS,…

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43: Structuring Your Show for Maximum Impact with Nick Lewin

Nick Lewin

Nick Lewin is a legend in the magic circles. But today’s interview will inspire anyone from any art. Learn all about how to structure your show to get those standing ovations.  How you should open your show.  How to close.  What to put in the middle.  Everything you ever wanted to know about show structure.…

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41: Set Yourself Apart with Niels Duinker

Niel Dunker

Niels Duinker is a 7 time Guinness World Record Holder, 3-time Variety Act of the Year (International Magician Society), and a 3 time Gold Medalist in the Netherlands National Juggling Championships. You’ll learn how he’s used his World Records, and His Soon-To-Be famous opening, and his own uniqueness as powerful marketing tools. Yes, he’s an…

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39: Working the Cruise Lines with Craig Diamond

Craig Diamond

Craig Diamond has been working the Cruise Line Industry for over 30 years.  Craig know cruises!  You’ll hear how Craig went from 5 year old magician to becoming one of the most successful Cruise Ship acts ever! You’ll learn…. How to play to different audiences, The difference between a “Fly-In” act and a residency, The…

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16: Ventriloquism is my superpower with Mark Merchant

Mark Merchant

When Mark was eight years old in Atlanta, Georgia, his parents were so concerned with his tendency to talk to himself they had him examined for multiple personality disorder. That same talking to himself, without moving his lips, has taken him around the world, paid for his home, and introduced Mark to his wife of…

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