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43: Structuring Your Show for Maximum Impact with Nick Lewin

Nick Lewin

Nick Lewin is a legend in the magic circles. But today’s interview will inspire anyone from any art. Learn all about how to structure your show to get those standing ovations.  How you should open your show.  How to close.  What to put in the middle.  Everything you ever wanted to know about show structure.…

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39: Working the Cruise Lines with Craig Diamond

Craig Diamond

Craig Diamond has been working the Cruise Line Industry for over 30 years.  Craig know cruises!  You’ll hear how Craig went from 5 year old magician to becoming one of the most successful Cruise Ship acts ever! You’ll learn…. How to play to different audiences, The difference between a “Fly-In” act and a residency, The…

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36: How to Create the Life of Your Dreams – The Real Magic with Romany

Romany - Diva of Magic

Have you ever wanted a theater in your house?  How ’bout the perfect mate?  How about a life of adventure?  How about …..? Well, Romany – The Diva of Magic, has figured out The Secret.  And after you listen to this interview, you’ll know too. Prince Charles calls her “Absolute Genius”. Dame Judi Dench said…

33: Doing Everything Will Take You Everywhere with Billy Damon

Billy Damon

Billy Damon does everything and has been everywhere.  You’ll hear stories from Atlantic Casinos to Caribbean Cruises.  If you listen closely, you’ll even discover some hidden venues that you may have never thought of.  Get advice from one of the most traveled and seasoned pros in the biz. Free Copy Writing Checklist Copy Writing Checklist…

29: A Man and His Passions with Hal Meyers

Hal Meyers aka Dameon

Hal Meyers, aka Dameon, is a spectacular magician that’s lectured at Abbotts and the S.A.M. conventions, performed at tons of casinos, received numerous awards and performed on multiple cruises around the world We talk about magic, music, livestock, North Korea and much more. You won’t believe the things he’s done and the people he’s worked…

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