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51: A Man with Eccentric Principles with Avner Eisenberg

Avner the Eccentric

Avner Eisenberg (with his character Avner the Eccentric) has been hailed as one of the greatest clowns of all time.  Avner’s extensive career spans Broadway, TV and just about every theater in the U.S. and abroad. In addition to a busy performance schedule, Avner has taught master classes in clowning and Eccentric Performing in the…

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49: Creating and Running a Magical Theater with Cosmo Solano

Cosmo Solano

Most of us know Cosmo Solano as one of the GREAT close-up magicians of our time and creator of many magical effects. He also owns and operates “Cosmos Magic Theater” in Colorado. Living his dream! Cosmo and I discuss entertainment theories, ideas on presentation and what it’s like creating and running a live theater.  We…

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47: Learning from a Legend with Bob Fitch

Bob Fitch

Bob Fitch is a legend in the magic world. He’s coached and directed some of the most famous magicians in the world.  From his extensive career as a Broadway Actor, to Master Magician, to Magic Coach to the Stars, Bob has done everything. We talk about all that, PLUS, Bob gives great advice on: How…

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43: Structuring Your Show for Maximum Impact with Nick Lewin

Nick Lewin

Nick Lewin is a legend in the magic circles. But today’s interview will inspire anyone from any art. Learn all about how to structure your show to get those standing ovations.  How you should open your show.  How to close.  What to put in the middle.  Everything you ever wanted to know about show structure.…

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31: Embracing the Absurd with Sethward


Sethward is mostly known for his many appearances on The Gong Show as Sethward the Snake, Sethward the Cow, Sethward the Chicken, and most recently Sethward the Bunny.  And America’s got talent as Sethward the Catepillar (that turns into a butterfly).  But there’s much more to the man than just absurd animal characters. He runs…

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