30: Innovation: Taking Puppets to A New Level with Steve Axtell

Axtell Expressions

Steve Axtell is the President of Axtell Expressions.  His creativity has helped him create hand puppets, animatronics and even A.I. (Axtell Intelligence) characters for entertainers all over the world.

Along with KidAbra, he co-hosts KAX – The Conference of Variety Performers every year.  Heck, his name is in the name of the Conference!

This is Steve’s story.  Who were the inspirations in his life?  Who did he inspire?  Why all the birds?  This interview answers all of these questions and many more.  And when you listen to this interview, you’ll come to realize, like I did, that it’s only the beginning.

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Contact info:

  • Website: axtell.com
  • Email: Steve@axtell.com
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/axtellfanclub
  • LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/steve-axtell-9515a911
  • YouTube:  youtube.com/user/axtv321
  • Twitter: Steve-Axtell

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