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How do I market if I have no money to spend?

Every entertainer in the world has asked this question at some time in their career. Sometimes it seems like if you have no money and there’s no place to start.

Not true!

Here are a few things you can do:

  • Set up a blog that looks like a single page website. You can add video, photos and great copy. Absolutely no cost.
  • Set up a Facebook Fan Page or a Twitter page. These now get full indexing from the major search engines. Not as flexible as a blog, but is another way to get on the search engine list. No cost.
  • Set up a Youtube account. Also full indexing. Use a video to drive people to your blog. No cost.

Make sure to use key words for your market, your art and your area and have each site link to the others.

But believe me brother, if it’s only internet marketing your doing, it’s not enough. Here’s an excerpt from my old  Rebel Entertainer’s Success System that talks about that exact subject.

If I Only Had $100.00
to get My Entire Marketing Campaign
Off The Ground,

MoneyWhat Would I Do?  I’ve been asked this many times. Down and dirty, here’s what I’d do. I’d sit down and put together two kick-ass sales letters (doesn‘t cost a thing). I’d buy a domain name from (about $10.00). I would have a friend put the long sales letter on a website as a 1 page website (a friend would do it for free). Then I would get a list from the internet of the people I want to sell to (also free). I would then sit on the phone and call them to introduce myself and find out if they were interested in my service. I would then ask if I could fax over a list of my services (faxing is free if you have a fax machine or use Efax -cheap – or you can use a friend’s). The fax would be the shorter of the 2 kick-ass sales letters that would ask for the sale and, if they thought they needed more info, direct them to your website.

This whole process would cost about $10.00 – $25.00 and done right, would make a lot of sales. The only other thing it would cost is time.

Now, of course you can replace the website with a blog and do the entire thing by yourself for free.

There ya’ go. Some quick tips for absolutely no cost.

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Creator and host of The Variety Artist podcast. Making a living entertaining since 1998.

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