Why is Jeff Dunham so famous?

Marketing During Your Show

Marketing During Your Show!

There’s a lot of reasons.

First he’s amazingly good at what he does. He’s hilarious. And he’s put together a great act.

But how did he get so famous so fast?

He didn’t.

He’s been doing it for a loooooong time. I first saw Jeff at the Comedy Magic Club in Hermosa Beach some 25 years ago. He was somewhat famous then.

But he now has his own show with signature routines that everyone knows from his Cable specials.

What people don’t think about, is that he is a master at MARKETING DURING HIS SHOW. This is where most entertainers fall short.


Marketing During ShowI recently watched a routine of his on you tube. You all know it. It’s where he’s arguing with Peanut about his name. And over and over he and peanut repeat his name. And then peanut always adds “dot com!”

I counted fourteen (14) times that they said Jeff Dunham. And seven (7) times that peanut said “dot com”. I think there were more.

Do you think that every single person that has seen his show, either live or on tv, remembers his name? The answer, of course, is yes. And how many people went to his website right after the show and joined his fan club?

How do YOU market during your show?

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