The Zip Code Man, David Rosdeitcher – How to Create a Unique Act Out of The Things You Love

The Zip Code Man, David Rosdeitcher has memorized the Zip Codes of every city in the U.S. and many abroad. His act is unique and uses no electronics. Not only does he name the city you’re from, he tells of the places you’ve been and the restaurants that you’ve eaten at!

Today you’re gonna learn David’s secret. Or maybe you’ll learn that there’s no secret at all. But you will learn how the comment of one little girl inspired an entire act!

You’ll also find out….

  • How David’s act got started,
  • What it takes to memorize 40,000 zip codes,
  • How David not only memorized the cities, but the places in those cities!

From his humble beginnings in The French Quarter to being one of the most recognized street performers in the world, David’s journey is fascinating.

David’s World Record on YouTube:

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