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The Passing Zone – Jon Wee and Owen Morse – How to Make it Bigger, Better and More Exciting

The Passing Zone – Jon Wee and Owen Morse – Are one of the most successful and sought-after comedy acts working today.

You’ve seen them on “The Tonight Show” (with Johnny Carson!), “America’s Got Talent”,” Penn & Teller: Fool Us!”, “Comic Strip Live,” “CNN’s Road Warriors,” “Hell’s Kitchen,” “An Evening at The Improv,” “MADtv,” Penn & Teller’s “Sin City Spectacular,” “Steve Harvey’s Big Time,” and regular returns to NBC’s “Today.”

They were commentators on ESPN for their coverage of the World Juggling Federation competitions, and the Moxie Games at SkillCon.

Corporate events, Theaters, TV appearances, World Records…!

On this episode we discuss exactly what inspired them to create such HUGE spectacles. How they put together each of their now famous routines. You’ll even hear of their experience from Penn & Teller’s Fool Us AND America’s Got Talent.

After listening to this you’ll understand why Jon & Owen have become The Top Juggling Duo in the world.

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