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Robert Baxt is a Master Magician, Actor, Comedy Writer, and All Around Funny Guy. As a magician he’s performed at Comedy Clubs, Casinos, College Campuses and just about every venue you can think of. As an actor he’s made appearances in South America, the Orient, Italy, Canada, Spain and of course The United States.

And… He’s written for many famous celebrities and comedians.

In this hilarious interview, we talk about promoting yourself, doing (or not doing) outdoor gigs, family, performer horror stories and much more. We even talk about lending money to royalty. This conversation goes everywhere. Robert’s insights on show biz and life itself are invaluable.

This episode also introduces the brand new game FACT or SOMETHING JOHN JUST MADE UP. Really fun!

Show Notes:

****VARIETY ARTS EXCLUSIVE – HUGE DISCOUNT on Robert Baxt’s brand new effect Baxt’s Better Book Test! Robert goes over the details in this podcast.

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Here’s what’s on this Podcast

  • [3:38] Teaser of Robert’s special offer
  • [4:00] Robert’s home life
  • [6:50] How to promote during your show
  • [9:10] How to get great testimonials
  • [10:27] More promoting during your show
  • [27:20] Law school?
  • [28:27] The STUFF page
  • [30:31] Robert’s love affair with Gweneth Paltrow
  • [31:23] Fact of something John just made up
  • [42:00] Performer horror stories
  • [51:34] Advice for the beginner
  • [53:27] Advice for the working pro
  • [55:56] The Baxt Better Book Test


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