School Assemblies and Working as a Team with Razzle Bam Boom – Obediah Thomas & Mark Beckwith

Razzle Bam Boom

This podcast gives you a double dose of amazing guests. Since 1999 this duo has performed themed educational shows for elementary school assemblies, theaters and community venues in California and throughout America.

One is an internationally published singer songwriter and the other is a professional comic, juggler, vocalist and trumpet player. Between them they have over 55 years of experience.

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Here’s what’s on this Podcast

  • [2:05] Who’s who?
  • [4:12] Razzle Bam Boom – The name.
  • [5:23] Writing a show
  • [7:50] The journey of each…
  • [11:20] How they met
  • [15:18] What’s in your show
  • [19:30] A typical day for Razzle Bam Boom
  • [20:40] Sets & backdrops
  • [24:24] Shows that teach & sponsorship
  • [29:25] How to write a two man show for one person
  • [32:37] The straight man and the class clown
  • [34:45] “Fact or something John just made up”
  • [46:00] Horror story
  • [50:27] School Assemblies – “Make a Living Make a Difference”
  • [55:10] The sweet deal
  • [1:00:00] Advice for the beginner
  • [1:01:50] Advice for the working pro

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