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Pete Ellison Podcast

Although he makes his entire living doing music (a lesson in itself) for school assemblies, libraries and private events, Pete Ellison comes from a background of computers. Pete shares strategies that you can use, right now, to help your website climb the ranks. With a few simple tweaks, your website will race in front of the pack. Pete also talks about how you can utilize Show Operations (an amazing CRM) to book more shows and follow up with your clients automatically. If you want to do less work, and have more time, this is the one to listen to.

Show Notes

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Here’s what’s on this Podcast

  • [2:10] Pete talks about his personal life
  • [2:45] How to make a living as a musician and One World Rhythm
  • [10:40] Pete’s computer career
  • [12:35] Getting your website on page 1 of Google
  • [20:50] Using “Show Operations” to fuel your business contacts with great business practices
  • [39:30] Performing horror story & a happy story
  • [46:30] Doug Sheer asks a question about SEO
  • [49:00] More SEO
  • [54:15] Advice for the working pro
  • [55:15] Book recommendation

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  • Twitter: Owrevents
  • Facebook: M.Me/peteellison
  • LinkedIn: Pete Ellison
  • YouTube: Pete Ellison

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