33: Doing Everything Will Take You Everywhere with Billy Damon

Billy Damon

Billy Damon does everything and has been everywhere.  You’ll hear stories from Atlantic Casinos to Caribbean Cruises.  If you listen closely, you’ll even discover some hidden venues that you may have never thought of.  Get advice from one of the most traveled and seasoned pros in the biz. Free Copy Writing Checklist Copy Writing Checklist…

32: Performer Horror Stories – Halloween Special

The Variety Artist Halloween

These are some of my favorite performer horror stories from the first 30 or so interviews on The Variety Artist Podcast.  From bloody performances to circus mishaps.  These are priceless.  If you’ve been performing for any amount of time, you have some too.  I’d love to hear them!  Post ’em in the comments section below…

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31: Embracing the Absurd with Sethward


Sethward is mostly known for his many appearances on The Gong Show as Sethward the Snake, Sethward the Cow, Sethward the Chicken, and most recently Sethward the Bunny.  And America’s got talent as Sethward the Catepillar (that turns into a butterfly).  But there’s much more to the man than just absurd animal characters. He runs…

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30: Innovation: Taking Puppets to A New Level with Steve Axtell

Axtell Expressions

Steve Axtell is the President of Axtell Expressions.  His creativity has helped him create hand puppets, animatronics and even A.I. (Axtell Intelligence) characters for entertainers all over the world. Along with KidAbra, he co-hosts KAX – The Conference of Variety Performers every year.  Heck, his name is in the name of the Conference! This is…

29: A Man and His Passions with Hal Meyers

Hal Meyers aka Dameon

Hal Meyers, aka Dameon, is a spectacular magician that’s lectured at Abbotts and the S.A.M. conventions, performed at tons of casinos, received numerous awards and performed on multiple cruises around the world We talk about magic, music, livestock, North Korea and much more. You won’t believe the things he’s done and the people he’s worked…

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