69: How to Connect to Your Audience on an Emotional Level with Peter Samelson

Peter Samelson

Peter Samelson is a treasure.  His knowledge of magic in New York and across the country is unparalleled.  But don’t let this scare you off.  Even if you’re not a magician, Peter’s philosophies apply to you too.  But if you are a magician, you’re in for a special treat. Today you’ll learn about Storytelling in…

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68: The Best of The Variety Artist Podcast – How to Book 60 Shows in 5 Minutes with Ken Frawley

Best Frawley

How would you like to book 60 shows in 5 minutes? Ken Frawley tells you how on this week’s episode of The Variety Artist Podcast. This interview is all about showcasing. How do you get involved in one? How long do you have to perform? What are the best practices BEFORE performing at a showcase?…

67: The Best of The Variety Artist Podcast – Mike Miclon – The Maine Man

Mike Miclon

What would you do if a bear wondered onto set in the middle of your show?  How do you create a viral video?  What’s some advice every entertainer has to know? I’m in the middle of my crazy summer schedule. Over 100 shows in two months. But I wouldn’t leave you out in the cold.…

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66: The Best of The Variety Artist Podcast – Steve Trash – Rockin’ Eco Hero

Best - Steve Trash

If this interview sounds familiar, it should.  This is the first in a series of The Best of The Variety Artist Podcast.  It’s Rockin’ Eco Hero Steve Trash. His journey from sleeping in his van to becoming one of the top entertainers in the country is legendary.  Since this interview he’s done so much.  Including…

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65: How to Stay in the Audience’s Mind After the Show with Peter Boie

Peter Boie

Have you ever wanted your show to continue after your show? Have you ever wanted your audience to think about the things they heard and saw you do… for it to carry over AFTER THE SHOW?  On this episode Peter and I talk all about how to do that. Peter Boie was nominated for “Entertainer…

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