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Michael Finney – Simply Finney

Michael Finney was the Magic Castle’s 2005 Parlour Magician of the Year, former president of The International Brotherhood of Magicians and so much more.
After thousands of appearances all over the planet … Michael is THE go to act when it comes to making bookers / producers / event coordinators look good!
It’s the 100th episode of The Variety Artist Podcast, so it’s very special to me. Lots of great stuff on this one.

  • We talk about how he’s worked with just about every famous comedian you can think of.
  • We talk about his foundation and how he’s donated 100s of thousands of dollars to his favorite charities.
  • He even gives credit to his lovely wife Lori at the end of this interview.

But most of all you’ll get a feel for his humility and why he’s been so successful.

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