Michael D. McCarty – Changing Lives with Storytelling

Michael D McCarty

Michael D. McCarty is a professional storyteller that uses stories of history and his own experiences to electrify audiences everywhere.

I learned so much from this interview today. Michael’s not only an amazing storyteller, but his recollection of the past is incredible.

In this interview you’ll learn how Michael has used his god given talents to change lives.

From his involvement in The Black Panther Party to The Importance of Reading to Working In Correctional Facilities, Michael is the man. His love for his art and what he’s done with it is inspiring.

One of Michael’s TV specials:

Click here—–> Belonging in the USA – The Story of Michael D McCarty

To get involved in the ARTS IN CORRECTIONS

programs, contact Michael directly at:

By Phone:  (310) 677-8099

By Email: agriot@earthlink.net

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