Matt Wilhelm – The Secrets to Performing School Assemblies

Matt Wilhelm

Matt Wilhelm is The Amazing Anti-Bullying BMX School Assembly guy.

From winning AGTs Youtube competition and FOX TVs “30 Seconds of Fame” to a semi finalist on AGT (that’s probably where you saw him), Matt Wilhelm has used his BMX and motivational speaking skills to inspire students around the country.

Oh, did I mention that Matt is 3-Time X Games Medalist, 2 Time National Champion and a Guinness World Record Holder!?

We talk all about School Assemblies. How to construct a show. What to do when things go wrong. How to shorten it. Pricing. Everything.

Matt probably does as many or more assemblies than anyone in the country, including me! If you’re even thinking about doing school assemblies, ya gotta listen to this conversation.

Matt’s recommended books:

  • “Communicating for a Change” – Andy Stanley
  • “Made to Stick” – Chip & Dan Heath

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