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Supercharging your website with Josh London

Josh London - Podcast

Josh London is a terrific corporate & family entertainer out of the Central California area.

He’s also the owner of Click Convert Profit. He creates the very best entertainer Websites and provides proven on-line strategies for Variety Artists just like you to book more gigs

We talk about the best colors for websites, the best fonts, how to track whether your website is working or not and so much more. If you want more traffic on your site and want to book more gigs because of it, Josh is The Man!

Show Notes:

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Here’s what’s on this Podcast

  • [1:50] Josh’s life as an entertainer
  • [3:18] Who should I market to?
  • [5:50] How to recognize the perfect client
  • [8:30] Split testing
  • [10:20] What should your headline be?
  • [15:13] Hiring a website designer VS building your own
  • [21:30] Back links
  • [25:54] Why your “about” page so important
  • [28:25] Why you should know your competition
  • [29:50] Using Social Media & Email marketing
  • [46:50] BONUS – For all you solo-penuers
  • [47:50] Google adwords
  • [49:40] Landing pages
  • [58:00] Fan questions

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