Jonathan Burns – How to Make a Great Living Being Silly


Born with the gifts of flexibility, curiosity, and goofiness, Jonathan Burns now uses these unique talents to astonish audiences around the globe.

Jonathan has appeared on America’s Got Talent, The Late Late Show with James Corden, and Many More!

He’s been dubbed “Extremely funny” by The New York Times and was named “Variety Artist of the Year” by Campus Activities Magazine, TWICE!

On the show we talk about….

  • How and when he decided to make a living being bendy.
  • His experiences on AGT and other “Got Talent” shows.
  • The advantages of working with a partner.
  • Why street performing teaches lessons you’ll use later in life.
  • He even gives us some great advice on Entering the College Market.

Jonathan is fun, funny, and flexible.  You’re gonna love it.

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