George McArthur – The Life of a Giant

George McArthur is not your average giant. Billed as “The World’s Tallest Sword Swallower”. He’s been seen in Ripley’s, performed on The Tonight Show, been featured in major motion pictures, appeared on CNN, The Learning Channel, The Travel Channel and so many more.

Sword Swallower, Fire Eater, Human Pin Cushion, Glass Walker and Eater, Escape Artist… Truly a legend in the Sideshow Arts!

In this episode we discuss:

  • Growing up as a giant,
  • Sword swallowing and other wild stories,
  • His charity work with troubled teens,
  • Stories of former President Jimmy Carter and Alice Cooper,
  • George the Giant’s Strange Museum of Oddities & Wonders,
  • His fear of fire and how he overcame it,
  • And Garden Sushi (What the heck is it?).

So much to love!

About the author, John

Creator and host of The Variety Artist podcast. Making a living entertaining since 1998.

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