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Doug Scheer of Scheer Genius

Doug Scheer is one of the top school assembly entertainers in the country. He has 12 very different assembly shows and numerous magic shows. calls him “The Best of the Best”. The Magic Castle Newsletter in Hollywood says “One of the World’s Best Children’s Magicians”. And the Jeruselem Post calls him “America’s Best School Performer”. ****Make sure to stick around ‘til the end, because Doug shares his performing horror story at the very end.

He also shares how to stay busy each month, who to contact at the school, the best themes and much, much more. If you’re even thinking about or already are in this market, you gotta hear this.

Show Notes:

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Links to all the RESOURCES Doug mentioned

Carson Claws (YouTube)

California Department of Education

Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum

Doug’s Special Needs Article

Doug’s Facebook Group – School Show Performers


ENTERTAINERS Referenced in this Podcast

Doug Scheer

John Abrams

Milt Court

Claire Cummings

Karrell Fox

Tim Mannix

Paul Kozak

Eric Sharp

Leif David

David Skale

Annie Banannie

Chef Anton

Here’s what’s on this Podcast

[2:15] Doug and his personal life

[4:00] Doug’s Youtube sensation (hint: it’s his son)

[5:15] His autism advocate wife

[5:50] The actress

[6:30] Big shows-Little shows

[8:20] Family Night

[8:30] Is Doug a magician?

[13:43] How did he start out as a school show entertainer

[17:59] Theming

[25:00] Pet Peeves

[26:11] What’s a school assembly day look like?

[32:00] How do you perform for two people?

[35:00] How to write a perfect show

[36:20] On working with kids

[38:33] On franchising

[42:20] Marketing your school show

[45:11] Fan Questions

[55:40] Sneaky Marketing

[1:04:25] Does your assembly match what the district wants?

[1:12:00] How to build an educational show

[1:22:09] Doug’s performing horror story

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Facebook Group: School Show Performers (the one with more subscribers)


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