Working with Tech Companies with Master Magician Dan Chan

Dan Chan

Dan Chan has performed for Google, Intel, IBM, Yahoo and many others. An amazing magician, he’s figured out how to market to these tech giants. Dan also got an entire article written about him on Buzz-Feed. It’s a crazy story of how he did it. He also mentions how his wife gets free stuff.  And talks about his amazing kids. Get to know Dan Chan!

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Bay Area Dinner Show

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Dan Chan

Here’s what’s on this Podcast

[2:00] Dan discusses his personal life

[3:27] How Dan’s wife gets free stuff

[4:35] The 10 year-old magician & juggler

[5:58] What does Dan’s show look like

[7:02] How to market to the elite customer

[9:22] A unique way Dan got Buzz-Feed to do an article on him

[11:00] Matching your performance to your audience (Iphone magic)

[12:15] The magic of saying No

[14:15] Creating a dinner show

[17:09] Coaching

[19:15] Advice on traveling

[21:05] Performing horror story

[23:27] Performing happy story

[25:15] Advice for the beginner

[25:25] Advice for the working pro

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