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Christpher T Magician

Christopher T Magician knows funny. In fact, he even wrote the book on it!  Hot off the presses, his newest book “Be More Funny” is getting rave reviews from magicians and entertainers everywhere!

He’s the author of “Beyond Look Don’t See” & “Just for Fun” and one the most popular and innovative magicians in Southern California!

Christopher tells us the best way to develop your character, how to create a great concept and how a “situation” can make a routine MORE FUNNY. He and I even discuss a Belly Button Horror Story. So much amazing info on this interview!

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Here’s what’s on this Podcast

  • [2:10] What’s this Taco thing all about?
  • [5:40] Chris’ new book
  • [8:15] Creating your character
  • [16:25] Creating your concept
  • [19:35] Creating a situation
  • [25:00] Tropes
  • [30:45] How does one make a book?
  • [37:50] Fact or Something John Just Made Up
  • [48:15] Fan Questions

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