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Celeste DeCamps – Empowering Through Body Movement

Celeste DeCamps

Celeste DeCamps is a former Belly Dancer and current Speaker that specializes in empowering women through body movement. I know it says women, but I was also empowered. And I’m I guy (at least last time I checked)

You’ll learn….

  • How to feel confident,
  • How to get rid of self doubt,
  • How to get that negative voice in our heads to BE QUIET,
  • And… How to change your attitude in only 2 minutes.

Through the art of belly dancing, Celeste has shown women how to connect to their core being.

A fascinating interview! You’ll hear stories of Robert Plant (of Led Zeppelin), Harley Bikers, and near Shark Escapes.  Ya gotta listen.


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