How to build a thriving entertainment business with Carmen Tellez.

Carmen Tellez is a pioneer in the family event planning industry. Owner of, she offers balloon art, face painting, puppet shows, clowning and so much more. But her company is most famous for the giant pink singing telegram gorilla! Using her unique and hilarious marketing, she’s become the top family event planning agency in Los Angeles. You’ll hear all sorts of stories of Carmen starting out, how she built her business and covert marketing that’ll blow your mind.  She’s really fun!

Show Notes: 

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Links to all the RESOURCES Carmen mentioned

World Clown Association

New Calliope

Happy Birthday – Katy Perry

Books Carmen recommends:


ENTERTAINERS Referenced in this Podcast

Buster Balloon

Brian Potvin


Joy the Clown (Joyce Paine)

Eddy Rice Jr.

Here’s what’s on this Podcast

[1:30] Funny story about Carmen

[2:35] Carmen’s circus house

[4:22] How did she start out

[9:15] Carmen gets lost in Downtown LA

[10:30] Who’s the real Charm and Happy?

[11:44] How did she build her business?

[16:09] Using other industries models to market your business

[17:35] Professional Balloon Artist?

[19:44] Singing Telegrams and the Pink Gorilla

[24:40] Fun marketing ideas

[33:40] How to get good testimonials

[34:50] Sumo suits?

[38:36] The CharmandHappy giggle

[39:30] Upcoming trends

[42:44] Wacko

[45:24] Outrageous marketing

[53:55] Fan Questions

[57:02] Katie Perry Story

[59:10] Performer horror stories

[1:05:59] Advice for beginners

[1:07:25] Advice for the working pro

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Twitter: CharmandHappy

Linkedin: CharmandHappy


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