Buster Balloon – Connecting with your audience!

Buster Balloon is a friend of mine.  We’ve hung out at Library Showcases, taken our dogs to the dog park, even munched at the Black Bear Diner with a bunch of folks from KidAbra.

He really is the guy you see.

In this episode we discuss…

  • His favorite breakfast cereal,
  • His stunt career (no, that’s not a typo),
  • His journey as a magician,
  • Street performing with balloons,
  • How he came up with the Buster Balloon Character,
  • Why people LOVE Halloween,
  • How he became one of the top balloon artists in the world.

And, most importantly, HOW TO CONNECT WITH ANY AUDIENCE!


About the author, John

Creator and host of The Variety Artist podcast. Making a living entertaining since 1998.

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