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Brian Daniel South – How to Do Business RIGHT!

Brian Daniel South is most famous for his company CREATIVE MAGIC which he sold in 2011 (you may have heard of it).

He’s consulted with Magic Magazine and Magic Live. 

He now spends his time following his passions with DISCOVER MAGIC! His mission is “Empowering Kids By Teaching Them The Art of Magic!”

In this episode you’ll learn all about Creative Magic.

  • How did he start?
  • How did he create each product?
  • WHY did he create each product!?
  • What was his incredible exit strategy and why was it so successful?

Then, you’ll discover how Brian discovered a brand new passion with Discover Magic (is that too many discovers?). How he partnered with Michael Ammar to create an internationally recognized, one-of-a-kind program that boosts self-confidence, builds communication skills, and helps kids make new friends.

Brian is an innovator and entrepreneur! I learned a lot. You will too.

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