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The Best of Episodes 11-20

The Variety Artist

How did Steve Trash find his light bulb? Did Mark Merchant really hide under a bed? Did Lili Vonschtupp really kill Hitler in front of Quentin Tarentino? These questions are answered and much more on this “Best Of” episode. If you missed any of these interviews, go on back and listen.  They’re really fun and super informative.

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1 Comment

  1. Eddy Rice Jr. on 08/20/2018 at 5:04 PM

    Great episode as always.
    Not that Steve Trash needs any ideas to be orignal.
    But this popped in my head. From one of your episodes about turning something that happens that is funny by accident, into a permanent part of yous show.
    The little old lady dropping garbage in his trash can prop case.
    If you worked with an assistant. You get someone to dress as a realistic old lady.
    She wonders up and drops her cup of noodles and other garbage in your prop case. You stand there with mouth agape. Then pick up the stringy noodles and looking with an expression like “What do I do now!” Then you turn it into a magic trick. Turn the noodles into a salad or health food, or do cut and restored noodles etc.

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