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Alan Sands – Hypnotism & Working in the U.S. and Canada

Alan Sands is one of the busiest Comedy Hypnotists I know. He’s performed at over 250 county and state fairs, entertained at over a hundred colleges, a dozen casinos, multiple extended runs at amusement parks, about 750 company picnics, dozens of comedy clubs, theaters, conventions, and cruise ships, as well as over 300 high school shows for grad nights and post prom parties.

Alan has also operated an international talent agency and been an “entertainment event planner” for over 30 years.

If you are an American Citizen and plan on working in Canada, or, if you’re a Canadian Citizen and plan on working in the US, or, if you’re from another country, other than Canada or the US, you’re gonna find out exactly what you need to do to cross the borders and work.

It may sound confusing, but today’s guest is gonna straighten it all out for us.

Oh yeah, and he also has some great tips for Hypnotists. :0)

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