8: How do you get to Broadway…Danny Taylor will tell you!

Danny Taylor

Danny Taylor is an amazing musician that’s played PERCUSSION and CONDUCTED for tons of NATIONAL TOURS, BROADWAY and Off Broadway shows (many you know). He’s also one of the founding members of “Beyond the Gig” – A seminar that teaches musicians the business side of music. How to make a living as a musician.  Follow Danny on his journey from College Graduate in Los Angeles to playing ON BROADWAY and touring the country.  Danny talks about life on the road, giant theater houses and even his first job.  Learn how it works Behind-The-Scenes at a Broadway and off Broadway show.  His lessons are universal for any Variety Artist!

Show Notes: 

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Links to all the RESOURCES Danny mentioned

Musicians Union
Beyond the Gig

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ENTERTAINERS Referenced in this Podcast

Doug Hinrichs
Soul Scratch
B.A. Huffman
Michael Kozeran
Danny Young
Josh Samuels
Al Taylor
Paul Boland


Here’s what’s on this Podcast

[2:00] I’ve never had a real job…
[4:00] Follow-up strategies
[5:00] Danny talks about travelling to EVERY STATE in the U.S.
[6:00] Danny moves to New York
[8:24] Stories about Danny’s childhood
[10:00] Strategies on getting work on Broadway
[14:45] Using technology to make some money on the road
[16:25] Travelling tips
[18:15] The first conducting gig
[21:54] How are the theaters across the country?
[23:14] Beyond the Gig
[30:15] More travel advice
[34:40] Performing Horror Stories
[40:42] Advice for the working pro

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