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The Best of Episodes 11-20

The Variety Artist

How did Steve Trash find his light bulb? Did Mark Merchant really hide under a bed? Did Lili Vonschtupp really kill Hitler in front of Quentin Tarentino? These questions are answered and much more on this “Best Of” episode. If you missed any of these interviews, go on back and listen.  They’re really fun and super informative. Free Copy Writing…

Michael Trautman – Traveling the World on a Ping Pong Ball

Michael Trautman

Michael Trautman has been described as a visual comic, performance artist, new vaudevillian, mime, physical comedian, storyteller and magician. He claims only to be a clown…but he’s also known around the world as KING PONG! You’ll learn how to take one concept and turn it into a lifetime of entertainment! He was the Star Clown with the…