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The Best of Episodes 1-10

Best Of The Variety Artist Podcast

Can Cowboy Ken Frawley really help you book 60 shows in 5 minutes? Can Corporate Entertainer Lou Serrano do 100 push-ups in two minutes? Are theaters in N.Y. and L.A. bigger than the ones in the rest of the country? Did family entertainer Carmen Tellez really put business cards in kids shoes? These questions and more are answered in…

How to book 60 library shows in 5 minutes – Showcasing with Ken Frawley

Ken Frawley Podcast

Ken Frawley runs two library showcases In Southern California and has multiple live entertainment shows. He’s truly done everything in the library showcase world. You’ll discover how a 5-minute performance can book 10, 30, 60, even 90 shows. You’ll learn Ken’s secret formula for the perfect showcase performance. He also discusses his own journey as a performer. From Cowboy Ken…