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David Deeble – Overcoming Obstacles

David Deeble

David Deeble makes his living as a professional juggler and comedian. But his juggling is VERY DIFFERENT than your standard balls and clubs. Ya see, David lost coordination in his right hand when he was in his twenties. So, he had to re-invent himself and his act. Catching billiard balls in his eye socket and balancing a flaming…

Barry Friedman – The Blueprint for Success

Barry Friedman

Barry Friedman runs the ShowBiz Blueprint, teaching Variety Artists just like you how to make more money and get more gigs. Barry’s had a fascinating life… so far. Who knows how he’ll reinvent himself next. He tells stories of Robin Williams, Billy Crystal, Johnny Carson and many more. He’s the taller half of the Raspyni Brothers Juggling…

Scot Nery – Raising the Bar

Boobie Trap

Did Scot Nery almost drown during the filming of Scary Movie 5? Did he really have his own cooking show? How is Scot “Raising the Bar” for himself and other variety artists? All of these questions are answered in this interview. Scot Nery is a comedian, contortionist, and fire eater. He’s an M.C. and pancake juggler. He’s a live entertainment…