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41: Set Yourself Apart with Niels Duinker

Niel Dunker

Niels Duinker is a 7 time Guinness World Record Holder, 3-time Variety Act of the Year (International Magician Society), and a 3 time Gold Medalist in the Netherlands National Juggling Championships. You’ll learn how he’s used his World Records, and His Soon-To-Be famous opening, and his own uniqueness as powerful marketing tools. Yes, he’s an…

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40: Expand Your Mind with Magician, Author & Philosopher Ben Robinson

Ben Robinson

Ben Robinson is a Magician, Author, Philosopher, Inventor and all around fascinating guy. You’ll hear stories of The Editor of Rolling Stone Magazine, Katherine Hepburn, Diane Keaton… Porn stars, UFOs and The Kennedy Assassination. By the time you listen to this, Ben will be releasing his new book “Hiding in Plain Sight”.  Instead of me…

39: Working the Cruise Lines with Craig Diamond

Craig Diamond

Craig Diamond has been working the Cruise Line Industry for over 30 years.  Craig know cruises!  You’ll hear how Craig went from 5 year old magician to becoming one of the most successful Cruise Ship acts ever! You’ll learn…. How to play to different audiences, The difference between a “Fly-In” act and a residency, The…

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38: Empowering Through Body Movement with Celeste DeCamps

Celeste DeCamps

Celeste DeCamps is a former Belly Dancer and current Speaker that specializes in empowering women through body movement.  I know it says women, but I was also empowered.  And I’m I guy (at least last time I checked) You’ll learn…. How to feel confident, How to get rid of self doubt, How to get that…

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37: Being Santa with Douglas Gowin


Douglas Gowin is the Santa at the Fashion Center at the Pentagon City Mall.  He’s been to Denmark for The World Santa Congress ten years in row.  He’s even traveled to Kyrgystan as the official USA Santa and to Japan 7 times as the only U.S. Santa! Well, there’s a lot more to Being Santa…

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