It's all about the INTERVIEW!

A Personal Note From John Abrams:

To All My Variety Artists,

I've been making my living entertaining for past 20 years or so.

Throughout those years I’ve met 100s of entertainers that make a great living doing exactly what they want to do.  Performing!  Live!  In Front of an Audience!

So here is my commitment to you…


Every week I’m going to interview another successful entertainer, a variety artist, that makes their living doing their art.  Every Monday you can depend on me to interview the unsung heroes of variety arts.  This podcast will be waiting for you right after those weekend gigs.

You'll learn strategies that you can put into your very own show and marketing of that show.  Strategies that have worked for other super successful variety artists and will work for you.

It’s my intention to uncover the secrets from these variety artists.

  • How did they do it?
  • What are their successes?
  • What were their failures?
  • How can we emulate what they did?

Now you can be a fly on the wall and listen to these interviews.  You can learn along with me as I delve into what makes a successful variety artist.

Thanks for listening.

John Abrams - "The Variety Artist"


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