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30: Innovation: Taking Puppets to A New Level with Steve Axtell

Steve Axtell

Steve Axtell is the President of Axtell Expressions.  His creativity has helped him create hand puppets, animatronics and even A.I. (Axtell Intelligence) characters for entertainers all over the world. Along with KidAbra, he co-hosts KAX – The Conference of Variety Performers every year.  Heck, his name is in the name of the Conference! This is…

29: A Man and His Passions with Hal Meyers

Hal Meyers

Hal Meyers, aka Dameon, is a spectacular magician that’s lectured at Abbotts and the S.A.M. conventions, performed at tons of casinos, received numerous awards and performed on multiple cruises around the world We talk about magic, music, livestock, North Korea and much more. You won’t believe the things he’s done and the people he’s worked…

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28: The Blueprint for Success with Barry Friedman

Barry Friedman

Barry Friedman runs the ShowBiz Blueprint, teaching Variety Artists just like you how to make more money and get more gigs. Barry’s had a fascinating life… so far.  Who knows how he’ll reinvent himself next.  He tells stories of Robin Williams, Billy Crystal, Johnny Carson and many more. He’s the taller half of the Raspyni…

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27: How to Create Memorable Characters for the Family Audience with David Skale

David Skale

Attention Family Entertainers:  You must listen to this podcast!  Dave’s strategies have kept him booked year round for over 25 years.  We talk about… How to create a good family character How to create the motivation for that character How to quickly and easily create a story line and much much more… Dave has performed…

26: Let’s Talk Circus with Keith Nelson

Keith Nelson - Bindlestiff Cirkus

Drive-by shooting ranges at Burning Man, Mexican Mud Shows, Elephant Dogs, Danny the Rubber Boy, Side Shows and much much more… Great circus stories from an amazing circus performer! Keith Nelson is one of the founding members of the world famous Bindlestiff Family Cirkus. He’s a true Circus Artist.  His talents include Side Show feats…

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